Monday, 5 February 2018

Monday morning blues

This morning was hard, harder than usual anyway. I'm usually really upbeat about autism and how it manifests itself within our family but this morning it took over and broke me down.

It started off calmly, Bella got up happily enough and sang and danced her way downstairs and she even giggled looking at me at the top of the stairs and said "down...stairs, mummy."

Then out of nowhere the tide turned, there were no warning signs other than her iPad dying but that didn't seem to be her main concern.

She got herself into such a state that she was hysterical. Meltdown was underway.

Wearing clothes, any clothes seemed to be the main trigger. The minutes were ticking away before the school bus arrived and Paul and I were planning other ways to get her school as there just seemed no way she was going.

As usual in this situation Logan was having to fend for himself, having to be understanding and considerate. Skills which are really beyond his years and have been his whole life.

Paul and I were kicked and hit as tears rolled down her cheeks. She used us both separately for deep pressure and then during a hug with me she started laughing...and like that the meltdown was a fever when the medication kicks in...except I have no idea what the turning point was.

She then got dressed without complaint and had a drink and walked out to her school bus as if the last hour hadn't happened.

I don't know if these episodes have a lasting effect on Bella but the rest of us definitely feel the aftershock.

Hopefully she'll have been her usual, happy go lucky self today at school and tomorrow will indeed be another day.


  1. Replies
    1. It was, thankfully she very happy at school and brought her good mood home with her

  2. Hoping tomorrow is a brighter day for you all.x

  3. I hope the rest of the day went well and tomorrow is a better one x