Wednesday 10 May 2017

Dear Commuter

Dear morning commuter,

I understand that you are in a hurry and you can't be late, I also understand that when you see a mini bus parked in the middle of the road at peak time it can be frustrating, I get that beeping your horn might seem an appropriate response and that trying to squeeze your car between the bus and parked cars may seem reasonable.... but please take a minute....Every morning millions of parents pack their children off on these buses to go to school. These children have disabilities both visible and invisible. We have to hand over out children's safety to virtual strangers and hope for the best, not because we want to but because often schools are far away or don't have before school clubs etc.
I get that you need to be somewhere, but I NEED my child to be safe. I need them to not be scared when you beep and swear and drive off in a rage.
This is Bella waiting to get into the minibus that meant you have to wait for 1 minute. Be kind.