Wednesday 8 November 2017

Good talk!

Bella and I had a conversation! I know that's massive right?

Let me set the scene, she walked into the living room with a Frozen Anna doll and looked straight at me. She has been doing that a lot more recently, I think she's realised that if she looks you in the eye that she melts everyone's hearts and more often than not gets her own way. So she looks straight at me and says, "Pink dolly? Please Mummy."

Well I have no idea where this doll is but I have to look as she's asked for it. I find a pink baby and dash into the living room, our roles reversed. I look at her, she's already drifted back into her iPad.

"Bella." She doesn't react so I leave a beat and repeat, "Bella?" She looks up. I hold the baby up hopefully. "Is this pink dolly?"


She looks back at her iPad and that is it, our first real chat. Questions were asked, answered and a moment I never thought would happen took place.

I know to most families this "conversation" with a 7 year old seems pretty slim but to us it is the whole world.

Tuesday 7 November 2017

Square Peg Family

Alongside being mummy to Bella and Logan I also run Square Peg Foundation in a voluntary capacity. Over the last four years we've seen our clothing line grow from 3 T-shirts being sold at local events to a whole clothing range being sold worldwide from our online shop.

All our clothing slogans are designed be fun conversation starters about disability, not just autism like many think.

Over the last two years we've seen our main goals come to fruition and we've started running community events for disabled children and families. The aim was always for the clothing to fund our charitable work and for a long time it felt like it would never happen.

Last year we launched a Christmas jumper which was super fun and appealed to many of our YouTube obsessed customers. This year we ran a competition for slogan suggestions and we couldn't be more thrilled with the winning design.

#BeMoreRudolph is an idea I truly stand behind and believe we could all do with being a little freer, a little less constrained by the norm. We could do with taking a leaf out of Bella's book and sing Jingle Bells at the tops of our voices in a busy supermarket in June, or be more like Logan and when you don't feel like being yourself for a while then just throw on a superhero mask and be someone else. 

A lot of our kids stand out whether that's because of behaviour, a wheelchair, a physical disability or a whole list of other reasons. But this is why we love them and why they are so special and unique to us.

If you want to buy a Be More Rudolph Christmas sweater then please jump over to our website, if not please share so that we can sell even more and spread awareness and just as importantly make loads of money to use for more fun activities next year!