Saturday 9 March 2019

Fantastic Progress

Bella wearing Somewhere Over There Spectrum
This little legend may be approaching 9 and may be in year 4 but yesterday I got some news that couldn't have made me prouder...for the first time in her school life she is working ON National Curriculum for English!
This is big!
She has always floated around the top of the P levels (the levels before you enter the National Curriculum levels) mainly because it's so blinking hard to get her to do anything she doesn't want to do. Communication becomes a real issue when reading becomes comprehension, she can read and can do it well but can't relay what she has read or discuss it which is vital on the curriculum. There is very little way to check she has understood it and not just memorized words.
Somehow her teachers have coaxed enough out of her, they've thought way outside the box...and then managed to tick the boxes which put her working at Year One for English.
Today I'm proud is an understatement, to say I'm grateful to her school and staff is another.
Let's hope she can keep it going with English and maybe other areas such as maths where she teeters around level 9.
Go on Bella, you've got this!