Saturday 21 May 2016

The day she said my name

Bella is 6 next week and last week the best thing ever happened...she said Mummy!She was stood at the stair-gate on her bedroom door and her little voice called out "Mom-my." I was sitting on the sofa taking a moment before the kids got up however, have you ever been to the dog races and watched how fast they moved when the gates open? Well that was me, I almost hurdled the table and came face to face with her looking at me innocently, "Did you say Mummy?" I asked tentatively (there was still the possibility that I had dropped off and woken with a start like I often do when I think someone is knocking the front door, anxious much?!) She held my stare then started flapping her arms excitedly, "Mummy, Mummy, Lindam.) Yes she could say Lindam, the make of stair gate before Mummy but lets move past that. She said it! Finally, two weeks before her 6th birthday I got the best present ever.c700x420
A week on and she still says it almost every morning to get me to open the gate, it's safe to say she knows she's onto a good thing as I cannot lie in bed and pretend I can't hear that little voice for another 5 minutes like I could when she just used to read the stair-gate label out loud.
I bought myself a present (no one else will!) to celebrate the moment. Hopefully she'll start saying my name in other situations and not solely associate me opening the stair-gate in the morning but for now, I will take what I can get!13262323_10154204262099579_573690946_o