Thursday, 8 February 2018

A day in the life, 8th Feb 2018

Earlier this week I took Logan to Clarks to measure him up for some new school shoes.  It was an abject disaster and a complaint has been lodged so I'm awaiting their response before I publicly shame them.  Today his school coat has broken too so he's shoe-less and coat-less in what feels like the coldest winter on record, (I'm sure that's very factually incorrect.) Today he had to wear his trainers in to school, he was unhappy; it's not the rules, he might get told off, his stomach hurts etc.

Oh hi anxiety, back so soon?

Bella once again amazed me with a little nugget of her amazing brain and ability. She asked for juice and I indicated to the part filled cup on the table, she picked it up and peered inside handing it back to me. "Bigger." Yes Bella, you tell me! Don't settle for that little drop of juice when you could have a bigger, fuller cup.

I'm considering reapplying for Logan's DLA (disability living allowance) but after the last two rejections I just don't know whether to bother. He gets on so well at school, he fades into the background, doesn't stand out or fall behind and he masks all his anxiety so much so that even the CAT (Communication Autism Team) see no problems. Don't get me wrong for the most part this is all good but it means we have no supporting professionals.

We shall see, Bella's DLA is also up for renewal in the next few months and I'm not sure I have the strength to attack two at a time (not to mention having a baby in between.)

Hope you've all had a good day wherever you are.

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