Thursday, 1 December 2016

Christmas at Wyevale - Review

We were lucky enough to receive free tickets to visit Wyevale Garden Centre in Shenstone and have Breakfast with Father Christmas.

I've never done this before with my two Bella 6 and Logan almost 5. Both have autism and rarely react to situations as you might expect.  Logan was very excited to get up and out early for breakfast on Saturday morning.  The website said it started at 8.30am but when we arrived it was still closed.  Logan didn't mind, he inspected the vegetables outside and told me that there was fruit inside the hut (he visits the soft play inside with his dad sometimes.)

When they opened we went inside and both children loved all the decorations. There were only three tables booked but at the end of November this wasn't surprising, the staff said the next week was due to be very busy. For our autism family quiet is good!

Breakfast itself was delicious and big, however my only complaint would be that a) we had to ask for toast and b) after filling out the specifications for each diner online, eg no beans for me, no egg or beans for all came through as one message to the store - 2 adult breakfast - no beans, 2 children's breakfasts - no beans, no egg.  For us it was fine as the staff came over to check before serving but I imagine when they have closer to 100 covers it might be trickier.

The staff were lovely and kept all the children (except mine haha) entertained. Santa looked great, very realistic, if a little stern. Logan was petrified of him and Bella wasn't bothered but both loved the fact they got a present and got to choose it themselves. This is so much better than getting a pre-wrapped 'surprise' toy.  They were also of great quality, another thumbs up.

At £9.99 for kids and £3.99 for adults I think it's a bargain.

I did go on to spend about £50 in the garden centre but I guess that's the idea.

If I could make one suggestion it would be for diners to enter through the Christmas section, it is so pretty and felt like a missed opportunity to set the Christmas tone.

Other than that it was a definite hit!

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