Saturday, 12 November 2016

Naughty Auty

Nothing is sacred in this house! Not even the hidden jar of Nutella! Honestly I leave the room for one minute, thank goodness for that little snitch and avid rule follower sitting at the table.
Having a 1:2 parent to child ratio could (and does often) leave me chasing my own tale. Thankfully Logan often sees himself as another parent (I obviously do not indulge him but it can have its benefits) and I frequently hear “No Bella, it’s finished. FIN-ISHED!” or more often “Mummmmmy! Bella’s…*insert naughtiness here.*”
Look how impressed she was with her new, oversized door gate mwah ha ha! 

Autism doesn’t mean she can’t be naughty…believe me sometimes she looks at me just before she does something….like pours water on the floor….or bangs the radiator after I’ve told her to stop…or or or. This list is endless! I think Autism means her idea of right and wrong is cloudy, she has little concern of consequence which means her impulse control is constantly turned on.
I do honestly believe those looks she gives me showing ‘she knows’ she’s doing wrong are progress. She is 6 for pitys sake, she should be being naughty for real…however most kids at this time of year (including Logan) can be swayed towards the light and away from the dark side with two little words…

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