Thursday, 24 November 2016

Controversial or Cute

Controversial or Cute?
The clothing arm of Square Peg Foundation has now been running for well over 3 years and has in the main has been received  very well. Every event we have attended (which in the early days were many) we would watch as people read our design slogans and smile as they "got it."
There have however been people along the way who haven't liked us, they don't like putting labels on they children...they don't like some of our more "controversial" slogans (More Special Than Needy being a particular trigger)

...and lastly we've had a backlash over the use of the infamous jigsaw piece on ONE of our Autism designs.  The reasoning behind this is that some people with Autism feel that this harks back to a time where there was thought tobe a a "piece missing," hence the  jigsaw piece reference.  However, many people have re-appropriated it and it is used as a recognisable symbol.  Twitter users have condemned us, not often, but like breaking our winning streak, the one negative voice always seems to scream out louder than all the positive ones.

Many, and when I say many I am now talking in the hundreds of disabled people, parents of disabled children, carers and advocates for disability are wearing our clothing. We have spanned the globe selling hoodies and T-shirts to America and Australia from our little office in Birmingham,  England.

Our designs (13 in total) were always meant to be a source for good, dispelling myths about disability, breaking down barriers and creating conversations in a friendly, fun way.  I think we're doing that. Every time I hear a parent say that someone approached them to start a dialogue of support because of our designs I know we have done our job.

However it's not for everyone and that's just fine.  I'm happy to spread Autism Awareness myself (both my children are on the spectrum) but also on my children see above and below.  I'll also rock a Down Syndrome design or a We're All Square Pegs Really hoody because who doesn't want an inclusive society. When or if they get to an age where they don't want to wear Square Peg Clothing then of course that will be their choice. 
Logan in his Somewhere Over the Spectrum Tee

So what do you think? Are they controversial just for the sake of it or are they cute? Do they serve a purpose or not? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

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