Monday, 18 April 2016

Messy Play Pressure

Bella is nearly 6 and is still massively self directed, not in a "she knows her mind" kind of way but in more of a one track mind, she'll punch you if you try and direct her kind of way. Getting her to do her homework can be a struggle which is infuriating as when she settles down to it it takes her seconds to complete the task. She rarely wants to draw or paint and to be honest I have to hide everything to stop her drawing on the walls, carpets and more often than not her own face.
Creative tasks happen when I have the time to oversee it like you would with a 3 foot high 18 month old. She is so smart academically but has no idea that painting the walls or her brother is anything but funny. Over the holidays we had a few creative/sensory times but honestly they always last about three minutes before the brown coloured paint hits the fan and I have to rapidly wrap it all up!
mouse face paints
Logan (at 4) is more interested in sensory play and painting/playdoh/sand etc but we have to work it around when Bella is preoccupied so as you can guess it happens few and far between!
We managed giant water beads which both loved however Bella's first instinct was to overarm it at the wall which resulted in a shower of what looked like nappy filling! Logan was distraught and we had to put it away until we could play safer in the bath which was fun as in water they're almost transparent. We'll definitely be doing that again. We also did mirror painting which both enjoyed and is a good exercise in getting some through mirror eye-contact if your little one struggles with it. Inevitably it didn't last long before Bella started eating paint but she had a go for a while.messy play
I know I should be trying harder...actually scrap that I'm doing more than I normally do and more than I want to do. I like crafts in the bath, contained mess is the best kind if there has to be any and I'm bowing to societal pressure. I don't remember doing "crafts" as a kid, I played with toys, was self-directed. Now I know Bella's direction is a bit further afield than mine was but that doesn't mean it's a bad direction. So this is me putting my metaphorical foot down against the Pinterest army who make all us Mum's that don't craft and buy in birthday cakes feel bad.
We are good enough!
There you go, don't feel bad if you're not crafting/messy/sensory play everyday because you don't have time (and really who does)or because your kids eat too much papier mache to be healthy. It's ok... they do plenty at school surely?

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